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Tom Cottar 

Nothing but PRAISE for the team at Floyd Green! After a quick interview and questionnaire, they submitted my paperwork and kept me informed EVERY step of the way. Not only was my application approved, but the turnaround was MUCH faster than I'd ever expected. 

I've recommended them to several organizations already. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

Thank you! 

Amanda Hartman  

These people are amazing! I’m from California and had so many questions and they were thorough and prompt. They patiently explained everything and gave me up front knowledge and did not expect payment unless I was for sure going through with it. I highly recommend them! Thank you so much for helping me!


I give the Floyd Green, CPA organization a huge thumbs up in the following area's: Professionalism, efficiency,  knowledgeable, and follow up. The process was flawless to achieve our 501(c)3 status. 

I would recommend this firm.  They are also a member of the Better Business Bureau. 

Thank you! 

Larry W Martin 

With the help of Floyd Green we have created the Friends of Camden County Library at Kingsland. The step-by-step guidance provided by FG steered our small Task Force through a process that was educational, efficient, and achieved excellent results. Like many well meaning volunteers, we thought we knew more than we really did. FG helped us realize what we didn't know and avoid mistakes that would have cost us both time and money. The templates provided by FG helped us be more efficient as we zeroed in on what we wanted to accomplish. It gave us a framework to be more productive. As we moved through the process, we became more invested in the outcome. All of our Task Force members serve on our newly established Board. Our inaugural Membership Drive is scheduled for next week during September - National Library Card month. Best of all, we know we can count on Floyd Green to help us with whatever challenges we may face as we grow.

Adonai Place 

Thank you for the excellent customer service.  Your professionalism has made this a smooth and timely process.  

Debra Tirado 

Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness during this process to qualify my 501c3. Status. Your team have been nothing but helpful. I appreciate all that you have done and I hope to continue to do business with you. We had serveral hiccups along the way and stuck in there with me until the job was completed.

You are the best

Again, 🙏

JoVian CCH 

Floyd Green actually releaved such a big burden on my shoulder when I started thinking of starting a non profit organization. Reading through the internet, it was such a big work that involved lots of paperwork and requires a professional. With just one call to Floyd Green, the dream became a reality. The staff were passionate and very professional. On their part, they have done everything they needed to do to get my organization going. As long as my organization continues to function, I will continue to work with them and would recommend same to everyone out there.

El Bethel  

I'm very pleased with the services of Floyd CAP. Very helpful associates and they help our church with applying and securing our 501c. I think we will be using them for accounting services. Very impressed.

Pastor Charles Pretlow 

Can't be more pleased with Floyd Green and his team of professionals. They successfully helped us file two (2) separate 501 c 3 organizations. One for our ministry to our local homeless community and for one for our international ministry and local fellowship.

They illuminated for us the taunting task of properly answering all those confusing questions and made sure we crossed all the "T"s and dotted all the "I"s.

Thank you so much

Charles Pretlow
Pastor and Director

Jack Gross 

I’m real pleased and appreciative of their service. True professionals who operate at a prompt and efficient manner. They do the heavy lifting and as a result I now have a 501c3. They are the real deal.

Jack Gross
Cats by the Tracks
Fresno, Ca


Great service, approval came way faster than expected with no problems! They made the process simple and easy.

PJ Richardson 

When we began the IRS 501(c) 3 filing process, we were all excited & energized. We met with a local attorney who explained the process & provided a cost estimate. We downloaded a copy of the IRS FORM 1023 and suddenly reality set in. This was above our pay grade. We did some online research and we found FLOYD GREEN CPA, in Atlanta. We were all a little skeptical at first. How could this CPA firm provide us the required assistance & be so cost effective. We asked a lot of questions & finally decided to work with Floyd Green & his staff. The FLOYD GREEN staff is outstanding & was always available with timely answers to our questions. As a result CARIBBEAN CARE CHARITY is a reality. Sincerely , P.J. Richardson, Member of the Board of Directors CARIBBEAN CARE CHARITY

Marta Naranjo 




Steven James/Feathers for Nati 

We are really pleased with the work of the Floyd Green CPA firm. We inquired at the end of June about setting up a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization and before mid August we had all our State Corporation documents and IRS determination approval letter all at a reasonable fee.
Thanks so much to the Floyd Green CPA associates.

Steven James
Feathers for Native Americans

Fenorris Pearson 

I’m extremely thrilled that Floyd Green has a service that allows companies like mine to extend its services and profits to help us secure a 501c3. They were efficient and most of all effective and delivered what they said they would do. This Foundation will help us help many people transition back into society to lead productive lives after a life of addiction.


Fenorris Pearson Sr.
CEO and Chairman
Pursuit of Hope Entities

Sandra I. 

My experience with Floyd Green CPA; was fast, easy and amazing! Such excellent service! It simply exceeded my expectation!!!
Thanks & many blessings,

Healing, Hope and Help for Mental Health (HHHM)

Donald Johnson 

Floyd Green CPA services are exceptional. Mr. Green and his staff are extremely efficient, professional, and helpful. I spoke with Mr. Green on one occasion. He explained the steps and benefits of applying for a 501c3 status. Several years prior to being acquainted with Floyd Green CPA services, my obtaining a 501c3 seemed almost like an unattainable task. But Praise God!  Floyd Green and his staff made it happen!  Our ministry was granted a 501c3 status within a short period of filing our application.  Our staff, constituents, and myself are both elated and grateful.  Thank-you Floyd Green CPA. Minister Johnson, Founder, Lifeline Ministries International.

David Parizh 

Very smooth process throughout with competent and responsive staff. They guided me through it all successfully. Thank you!

James Goodrich 

I received Info On Floyd green and Associates And The process was explained with simple language . The entire process was most enjoyable . Glad to report that our organization is raising awareness and capitol for our Cause in what I would consider record time ! Thank you Floyd Green and Associates . I've referred a couple interested parties and will refer any who ask ! James Goodrich , Founder Racing For Orphans !

Amanda Poulter 

We could not have been more pleased with Floyd Green CPA. They walked us through the process step-by-step, and were so helpful with everything. Any time I had a question, they got back right away with an answer. Our 501(c)(3) got approval in a efficient amount of time. We only have wonderful things to say about Floyd Green CPA and would recommend them to anyone. They are kind and courteous, yet very professional and helpful. Everyone we worked with was very timely and efficient in all they did. They made the process smooth and easy for us. We are so thankful for their help in getting our nonprofit started.
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