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Christine Co 

Everyone at Floyd Green CPA have been professional, very prompt with their responses and courteous. Our 501(c)(3) process was simple and we were approved within the promised 8 weeks. I have already recommended Floyd Green to colleagues and will continue to do so. Thank you so much!

Alma Martin 

Floyd Green firm has opened 2 501c3's for us in the past 8 months. We've used both Forms, 1023 and the 1023 EZ. SoccerDogs.Org and AllCreaturesLovingCare.Org.
We are very pleasantly surprised, and now very pleased with both, as they have both been approved for public charity, non-profit, 501c3 status with the IRS! Yes, we would use them again!

Dr. Michael Augustus 

My experience with employing Floyd Green,CPA to complete important documents was amazing! From conception to completion, they were extremely professional and timely in communicating important details, needed to complete my application. Once filed, with the appropriate agency (IRS), the turn around time of accepting my application, processing it, and an approved turn around time with the IRS was approximately one month, which is unheard of. If you want to establish a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation, I highly recommend Floyd Green,CPA for the job. Why? They get it done and done the right way! Plus, their prices are extremely reasonable. Prior to them handling my project, I called several non-profit preparers, believe me, they quoted well over a thousand dollars to begin preparing and application. Bottom line, all of my future projects will be processed with this fine, professional organization. Including but not limited to, them filing any and all required IRS and state filings. Believe me, you won't be dissatisfied!!!

Jeff Brown 

Working with Floyd Green for my 501C3 was great. I would highly recommend them. It was quick and very informational. The staff was great to work with.

Lindy Turner 

The process of getting a 501(c)(3) was very daunting.  Working with Floyd Green Financial Services changed all of that.  It was seamless and quick.  I have nothing but great things to say about them and would recommend them to anyone looking to obtain their non-profit status.  My plan is to continue working with them in the future.

Wally Guthrie 

The leadership of Clan Guthrie-USA established a goal of seeking IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status based upon our mission and the services we perform for our membership. As President, I worked closely with Floyd Green Financial Services (FGFS), specifically Jordan Cromer, to ensure we met the qualification criteria, and to prepare the appropriate documentation to defend our request. The services provided were top-notch without exception! All questions were answered quickly and comprehensively, and the required documentation was submitted by FGFS in a timely and professional manner. THESE FOLKS ARE HIGHLY COMPETENT AND HAVE MY STRONGEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.


I have been using Floyd Green's company for the last three years, the staff is friendly and always available to answer my questions. What I like most about this company is, the staff is very knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Elizabeth A Duey-Sacalxot 

We started our venture  to open a non-profit in Guatemala with very little experience.  To ease the learning curve a bit, we decided to get some help.  We found Floyd Green on the internet.  Even though we are in California, the staff at FG really understood our needs.  Jasmine and others were quick to answer questions and completed deadlines in a timely manner.  They followed through with all of their promises.  We are pleased to have received our 501(c)3 status without any problems.

miriam redleaf 

my friends told me that getting a 501(c)3 would be very cumbersome and expensive - and i had to find a lawyer who specialized in it.
I didn't believe them, so i went to mrs google and the first listing was floyd green services. so i called and a guy answered the phone and told me what to do.
So then i said i would do what he said, what was his name, just in case i had to get back to him? floyd green.
Then i did what he and his staff said and it was almost no work and WAY less than $2,000 total for ALL expenses- all the filing, everything. they put together the by-laws and the whistle-blower policy and all the features that i hadn't even known i needed.
The staff is fantastic - and always answered my emails right away and 7 months later i got confirmation from the IRS that everything was good to go. completely painless. i highly recommend them.

Matt Skrobarcek  

Very professional and courteous staff, they made the process quick, and painless to get our 501(c)(3)! Always helpful and quick to answer any questions I had!

LaTresa Grantham 

Thanks to the entire staff for superior service offered for 501c3 establishment. The process was completely supported with the provision of guidelines, forms, and knowledgeable feedback. Your level of professionalism is admirable and your services are highly recommended by Gifts Of Grace Ministries.


Starting anything new is always a scary experience but the one thing I didn't have to worry about was getting my 501c6 paperwork.  Everyone I worked with was amazing.  They took the time to talk to when whenever I had questions an they were quick to let me know when there were issues.  I am very grateful for everything that you guys did.  Thank you.


As President of Gifts Of Grace Ministries Inc (GOGM), I am elated to report that the IRS has determined GOGM as tax exempt under IRC 501 (c) (3). Thank you for your high level of professionalism and accounting prowess presented while assisting our organization through the process! LaTresa Grantham

Gia Hoffman 

The entire staff was extremely friendly, professional, efficient, always a speedy response, and if they had any issues I surely didn't know about it. I couldn't be happier. I was sent by one of their customers at Missing Pieces Network and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  Thank you to everyone on the staff for everything.

Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP


On behalf of San Orphans Foundation, we would like to sincerely thank the team at Floyd Green. We have received professional services, phone calls and emails were responded on a timely manner. The team was very knowledgeable and very patient in explaining the process to us. Thank you so much for assisting us with the filling of our 501c. Special thanks to Jasmine and Ksenia!


Mark Harrington  

I used your services for our non-profit to get up and going & must say that I'm impressed. Very responsive to any questions that I had during the process.

Circle of Pearls 

Thank you for a very professional business. The service was awesome. We will recommend Floyd Green any day to any organization for their prompt service.


Thank you for your professionalism, diligence and business integrity. With these three assets, you will always be the winning team. Much appreciated. Armand

Rodgers A. Washington 

My organization had a tremendous experience with Floyd Green Financial Services. The individuals that assisted my organization (Jasmine and Ksenia) were efficient and professional. I highly recommend Floyd Green Financial Services, my organization received its determination letter (501c3) in approximately five weeks just as the team said it would. The company also provided very helpful information related to conflicts of interests and IRS tax filings. This company receives 5/5 stars.


Very awesome service and good price in starting a Non Profit. They got it done and got it done faster then i ever expected. Thanks alot for your good service!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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