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Mark Lukas 

Thank you Floyd Green Financial Services! Receiving 501c3 status was quick and easy thanks to your professional staff.


I would like to thank the entire Floyd Green CPA team for their streamlined process and excellent customer service. Jasmine was courteous and professional as well as the rest of the team. They were thorough with all my questions and made the tax exemption process seem effortless. We discussed this process would take about 6 weeks but it was completed ahead of schedule. Thanks again for all your efforts. I have recommended Floyd Green CPA to everyone who asks. Sarah, Atlanta GA

Jennifer Tinker 

Thank you for your service!   We paid the firm on August 4th, we received our approval letter from the IRS on September 9th!   I am so happy with this service!  They made this process so painless.  I would recommend them to anyone! 
Thank you for your help!

Natalie Y. Beavers 

Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation thanks Floyd Green Financial Services for assisting us to make our business a non-profit organization. Your work and timing was absolutely great! We will definitely refer your business to others who may be interested in starting a non-profit.  Angels Of Epilepsy thanks you again!

Andrea Taylor 

Team Floydgreen & Staff, I would like to start off by saying, what is meant to be will be! It was 5 years ago. When I first discovered your company online. Just when my husband and I was about to call you, we shared our dream with someone whom I believe had good intentions, to help us become a non-profit. It just never happened. After talking to many others who said, they understood how to put together non-profits, it still never came through. 5 years later as I was praying about the right company to go through, I went online and your website came up right away! I knew it was a sign for me to call you all up, so I did! From Jasmine, Ksenia, and Floyd himself I have had a great experience. Your professionalism and quick turn around has exceeded beyond my expectations! I got my 501c3 status in 5 weeks just like they said, I would. I will continue to do business with this company. Thank you so, much for providing efficient service 😀And great customer service ! You guys rock! Blessings Andrea T


I am very pleased with Floyd Green Services to help us get our 501c3 approval quick and fast. Thank You

Shakia Maiden 

Jasmine thank you for getting back to me at the right time. You caused me to choose Floyd Green CPA by doing so. My 501c3 IRS approved came back in less than a month and a half! I was like...yes! Happy as ever and well worth the investment! Saved time and wasted energy. Looking forward appreciate the experience.


We were very pleased with the service provided to us by Floyd Green Financial Services. They were fast, thorough, and very helpful.

Hasmukh Modi 

What an experience!!! can't believe the approval process of 501C3 perceived to be so complicated and lengthy turned out to be a child's play working with you.
One email from you and one email from us is all it took to get the approval. While expecting to take 6 to 9 months it took only 2 months.
Excellent know what you are doing....just over joyed to have worked with you...wish every company can perform like this.....
Any one looking for such services, you are the one to be recommended.....
Many thank yous..........


This is one of the easiest processes I've done since I started my ministry. A friend gave me the info for Floyd Green, I reached out to them. I was told what I needed. I sent those in and 2.5 weeks later voila, I was tax exempt. I am so thankful. Quick, easy no hassle process especially after I delayed it for 3 years thinking it was going to be too hard a process to complete.

Jaap van Etten 

Working with Ksenia was one of the most pleasant and efficient experiences I have had in the 19 years I am in the United States. I highly recommend the service of Floyd Green. Based on my experience I can say that they are efficient, fast, very correct in communications and know how to get you a 501c3 status!!!


Hard to believe it was so easy. Green's firm was so efficient and confident they could do the job. Got approved very quickly with no hassles.


Impeccable service! Ksenia was very responsive and timely with communications. Very simple and smooth process for filing 501c3 paperwork. Will definitely recommend Floyd Green Financial Services.

Lori Griffith 

I am so impressed with the quality of service that we have received from Jasmine with Floyd Green Financial Services.  I had been wanting to start a non-profit for years and the process always seemed like such a daunting task.  I was speaking with a friend of mine who had used your services and she highly recommended me contacting you.  I am so thankful that I did.  The entire process was made so easy and every one of my questions was addressed throughout the entire process.  In addition, I have had several general questions subsequent to receiving the 501c3 status and Jasmine has readily addressed them and referred me to other resources if necessary.  I highly recommend Floyd Green Financial Services.   Thank you, Lori Griffith, Chasin A Dream Foundation



FGFS IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!  The staff was very professional and straight forward with the process. I was told to wait 2 – 3 weeks for our EIN but we received it in 2 days. Then I was told to wait 5 – 6 weeks for our 501c3 but got our approval in 2 weeks. I cannot believe how simple this process was. Thank you so much Floyd Green and Associates…

Mrs. C 

We are a brand new youth organization without a clue as to becoming a non profit. I will admit we were a little leery utilizing a company in another state that was looking to "take" our money and do the leg work. It felt like one of those "it's too good to be true!" This company is a wonderful thing with a fabulous staff! They did exactly what they said they were going to do as well as in the expected time line give or take a few. I would HIGHLY recommend this company over and over and over again. Thank you Jasmine, Ksenia and Mr. Green!

Myesha Collins 

Becoming new to the non profit community was a very different experience. Not everyone is equipped with the valuable information I received from Floyd Green Financial Services. I read the 300 page "How to become a non profit" only to finally realize I needed help. I didn't understand the non profit language and I wanted to ensure everything was done correctly. I searched help and contact Floyd Green, what stood out to me the most was their customer service and their willingness to sit down and explain everything I needed from start to finish. I am beyond pleased with my services and would refer anyone looking for any type of financial services!
My Non Profit 501c3 was approved in less than 3 weeks!!!

Fabiola Fernandez 

We were a bit skeptical about paying for this service because there is no guarantee that our organization would get approved by the IRS. However, we are so happy that we went with Floyd Green Financial Services. Ksenia was very helpful and explained everything in detail. We were told to wait 5-6 weeks but got our approval in under 3 weeks! We couldn't believe how easy it was! Thank you FGFS and Ksenia for everything. We cannot wait to get things rolling with our new nonprofit.

Sharon Felber 

In just over 4 weeks we had approval for our little charity, Kelsey Cares.  We cannot thank the team at Floyd Green, CPA enough for their guidance and support through the process. Jasmine was especially helpful in making it all run smoothly.  Now time to go get that first official donation! Thank you!

Spencer Cody 

Our ministry to Native American NDNs was so successfully represented by, that we received our 501(c) (3) in 5 weeks. Great Company!
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