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I would like to thank Floyd Green and his team for providing such a professional and very timely service! I thought that it would be more difficult to have my 501c3 approved, but they got it done in a very short time without the red tap!!! I will be sure to recommend this service to everyone I know!


Where do I start? Floyd Green Services are amazing, efficient, trustworthy and very professional. The timely manner in handling my nonprofit nonprofit was like nothing short of amazing. I would use their services again. Thank you Floyd Green Team

Bode Kosoko-Thompson 

What impressed me most was the promptness, And I can't believe it that our corporation's 501 (c)(3) registration was approved same day submitted and our 1023 E-Z with IRS came through within two weeks. What an organization to do business with. Without a doubt, a thumb up and a 5 five.


I was initially unsure about how to proceed with the daunting task of obtaining a 501c3. I asked several professionals locally and did my due diligence with on-line searches. It seemed so complex and difficult of a process. I had received very vague guidance from some agencies and very costly and lengthy quotes with others. Then thankfully I found the professionals at Floyd Green, CPA...they were informative, accessible, answered my every question, extremely fast in all actions, confident in the process and reassuring to me throughout. My application processed through to the approval process faster than I anticipated. I am very happy with the service Floyd Green provided to me and I highly recommend them for their expertise.

Linda Leary  

It was indeed a pleasure having Floyd Green Financial Services help us in our 501 (c) 3 corporation. We got our IRS approval in less than a month. It was a hassle free process.

Randy Cross 

In a nutshell, I had a great experience with Floyd Green Financial Services (FGFS).  More specifically, I received 501 c 3 status with the State of GA within 8 days and within 21 days with the IRS.  The IRS approval time greatly exceeded my expectations because the norm, I was told by FGFS, is about 4 to 6 weeks. 
The fees are reasonable and very competitive.  The staff, primarily Ksenia and also Jasmine, jump on processing tasks VERY QUICKLY.
I would recommend FGFS, in a heart beat, to anyone interested in these services.


Hello, So almost two yrs ago I went to Floyd Green and got a quote for 501c3 and at that time i was financially unable to do it. So this year January my friend recommended a friend to do my 501c3...BAD DECISION. After wasting $388 and finding out that this person didn't know what the heck he was doing ANOTHER friend that he messed over recommended Floyd Green. I realized that this was the same office that i had visited prior. The process was sooo easy, fast and AFFORDABLE. I'm so glad that this company helps people to become non profit so that we can make a difference in the community by helping families that may be struggling or whatever their nonprofit is. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Floyd Green Financial Services for all that you have done. Special thanks to Jasmine for being so professional, friendly and kind. Answering every question i asked. Kudos to you and your team Floyd. P.S. DONT waste time and money elsewhere come to Floyd Green Financial Services.


Floyd Green Financial Service has helped us gain our 501(c)3 status in a matter of weeks. The staff is so friendly and informative. We highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone.

Julie Catton Amezcua 

Floyd Green Financial Services helped us to start our U.S. non-profit expediently and at an extremely affordable cost. Every step of the way was smooth and they kept us well-informed.  Knowing others who have paid four times the amount that Floyd Green charges and had to wait a full year to get their 501(c)(3) status, we feel extremely blessed to have found them and plan to use their accountant to do our annual taxes.

Rocky Flores 

Working with Floyd Green & The Staff was super easy and inexpensive. I have passed on their info to friends & family. Thank you for making it super easy and fast!!!!

D H Austin 

I received my non profit 501 c 3 within short order... These folks were quick in getting the job done....  Do highly recommend them.

Elois Cotton 

Floyd Green Financial Services exceeded my expectations in establishing my non profit organization! Jasmine and Ksenia were accessible, professional, and had an awesome rapport. Both answered all my inquiries and delivered in a short amount of time what they said they would do. I was ecstatic to receive our nonprofit status approval just ten days later! Thanks FGF! I look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Latanya Lavette Magwood 

Ive heard rumors that 501c3 takes 9 to 12 months..No way not with Floyd Green CPA. All together it only took a little over a month if i was to put all the time together. This company is the best. I would recommend Floyd Green CPA to any one. Im so happy i made the choice.

Sidra Rahman 

Floyd Green CPA made our process go as smoothly as possible. We were initially hesitant, because we thought we'll need a lot of information. Jasmine made it so easy, she followed up with everything they applied for, and sent me copies of everything. We received our paperwork in no time. She answered all the questions I had and was helpful through the whole process. I highly recommend them.

Tom Speciale 

Services provided by Floyd Green Financial Services were amazing!!
I couldn't have asked for a smoother more professionally run process. They delivered on their agreement 1000% and answered my innumerable questions every step of the way. Thanks goes especially to Jasmine who held my hand several times during the process.
I want to thank everyone at your office for helping me fulfill my dreams of making America FIT not Fearful.
Tom Speciale
President, FIT not Fearful

Bryan Spellissy 

I was referred to Floyd Green CPA from a friend that had a great experience. I was looking to make my charity a 501c3. I had all the paperwork and knew the process. But to have a professional company take care of everything and for a price that I think is more than fare, was the easier and better route for me. I called them, every since the first conversation I had with Them they were in constant contact. Emailing, calling, doing whatever I needed for the same standard fee. It was a great experience and we got our status a lot quicker than expected. We are very satisfied and will highly recommend anyone to Floyd green cpa in the future!! Thanks to all who helped out it means a lot!

Uvaldo Zamora 

Thank You Floyd Green, where would we be without you.  You are a blessing.  Since the first phone call, your staff was with us from beginning to end.   We are now a non profit organization recognized by the State of Texas.   Not even a week after becoming 501c3, we received our first donation.  I commend you and your staff for a job well done.  
Thanks a million

Michael G Malombo  

I'm thrilled to have Floyd Green Financial Services to guide me step by step to complete the application for my non profit organization. The entire office is very professional and courteous in handling the whole process. I couldn't have done it without their assistance. I Will definitely recommend their expertise to anyone or organization. Thanks

Bear Warriors United 

It was so worth it to hire Floyd Green CPA to file for 501c3 non profit status!  I really didn't know what I was doing, so it was nice to hand the reigns over to the very efficient staff to get the job done...correctly and in a timely manner. 


We received our IRS LETTER in less then 3 weeks once it was sent. It took less then 6 weeks from start to finish. I am very happy to recommend this firm to assist anyone in obtaining their 501c3. Thank you. John
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