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Deb Hughes 

I cannot believe how amazingly simple this process was. The staff is very professional, honest, and straight forward with the process and what to expect along the way.  Questions were answered very quickly.  I couldn't be more excited and happy about how quick and easy this process was from start to finish!  If you are looking to get your 501c3 started - I HIGHLY recommend this team!  Thank you so much Floyd Green and Associates... you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Sherry Turner  

I have nothing but good things to say about Floyd Green financial services!! Ksenia walked me through the process of how my non profit would be set up, from start to finish. She made everything plain and easily understood. She stayed in contact and sent reminders and notices as needed. I was 501c3 approved in three weeks, and am now looking into grants for my organization. At such a reasonable price, not only did I get my own business set up, but peace of mind while doing so, while working with these professionals! I highly recommend Floyd Green financial services to anyone looking to set up their non profit. I doubt you'll find such profession at this incredible rate!!

Dr. Stoothoff 

We ourselves had no time or expertise to establish a 501c3. Floyd Green and staff efficiently did all they promised and we are now operating a ministry with God's blessings to help people and their pets. Thank you Floyd Green.

Douglas Johnson 

Floyd Green helped us navigate through the IRS bureaucracy in relatively short order at a reasonable charge. We will definitely use them again next go around.

Manjit Singh 

We have been very pleased with the services received. Prompt, organized and excellent value for money!

Nana Akumanyii III 

For over a year we were researching establishing a 501c3 status for our foundation and then we found Floyd Green. It took less than a week to amend our Articles with the GA Secretary and State and to submit our 501c3 application with the IRS.
To our surprise, our application was approved in less than 3 weeks. I will recommend Floyd Green to anyone not only because their fees were reasonable but because of their professionalism, efficiency and knowledge. I look forward to engaging Floyd Green to provide all accounting and financial services for our Public Charity.

Gary Blankenship 

I was looking for assistance in establishing 501c3 for our ministry. i found Floyd Green and staff to be very helpful in a polite, informative manner. Thanks

pets for life  

everything went very smooth and was approved very quickly. Thank you so much for your expertise in getting this so quick. Our pets thank you too.

Nekisha Lewis 

Thank you Mr. Green, for your professional services. My non profit set up was a 'piece of cake' thanks to you and your professional staff. Thank you also, for your continued education by emails and making sure that we are IRS COMPLIENT! Best to you

Marcia Merritt 

The CM Merritt Foundation Members would like to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU to The Floyd Green Financial Services for their professionalism! You made the process effortless on our behalf. I will recommend your services to all of my friends and family!

Thank you!


Thanks to Ksenia for the super fast service! I received my 501c3 status in less than two weeks. I appreciate your hard work and prompt response to all my inquiries throughout the process. I will highly encourage any one intending to start a nonprofit not to hesitate to use this company.

Matt Lewis 

Jasmine and Ksenia were great to work with in pursuing a 501c3 for our corporation.The entire process was smooth and was completed in record time(5 weeks).

Benny Sanchez 

Jasmine at Floyd Green was absolutely a pleasure to work with. She handled everything so quickly and with such ease and confidence. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience made this nonprofit process a worry free breeze. Thank you for an incredible and successful experience, Jasmine. Benny

Rosa Elena Collins 

Thank for your service. We got a good service from Ksenia.

Royal Starspring Incorporated 

I thank your company leadership and especially, Ksenia for a job well-done on behalf of our non-profit company's registration and especially filing the 501c3. The entire process was very smooth and worry free. What we were told will take months was only accomplished in few weeks. We had thought the 501c3 will take several months before it will be approved. It was approved under three weeks. The level of customer service provided by your company, especially by Ksenia was excellent. We really appreciate your business support and we will definitely recommend your exceptional financial services to anyone in need of the same type of high quality financial services. Please keep up the good work FGFS great team and God bless.
Royal Starspring Inc.

Eid Orlando 

I've always dreamed of contacts that can just take on a task and leave you completely worry free.  I was blown away by how easy Jasmine at Floyd Green CPA made my task.  I was able to work on so many other aspects of my project and was 110% worry free. They are so thorough and prompt its unbelievable.  Very hard to find this kind of service these days.

Leslie - Chloe's Pet Rescue 

Wonderful wonderful service! 10 years ago I applied for a 501(c)(3) through an attorney and it took almost a year. With Floyd Green services, we got our approval letter from the IRS in eight days. Last time was a nightmare, this time a dream come true. My rescue group can't thank you enough for such wonderful service and a special thank you to Ksenia O'Connor for her assistance. Now, Time to go save more homeless dogs.

Crystal M. 


I want to thank this company for always following up with any questions I have, not just with taxes but with EVERYTHING.  I just wanted to share that I have complete trust in Floyd Green Financial Services!  This company is very honest and I feel so comfortable doing business with you all.  Coming from a small non-profit that is not familiar with how to get our non-profit started. You have helped us chase/follow our dream! I just wanted to share what a relief it is to do business with such an easy trustworthy company!

Bear Roalsen  

Jasmine is awesome! Floyd Green, CPA and Associates has been a great help in getting my non-profit registered. I'm not kidding when I say they should charge more for their services! If this was a five star rating system, they get ten from me.

paul x 

Floyd Green is a very professional cpa firm, the specialists are very patient and knowledgeable on 501c3 application process.  we filed 1023 EZ form and it had been approval from IRS after one week submission !
Thanks for their work. thanks for Ksenia Oconnor and Jasmine Pickett to get the great job done.
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