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Sylton Hurdle 

We found Floyd Green CPA services by searching on Google. Many agencies popped up but for some reason this organization seemed to be the one and we were a bit nervous about it because we are in California and Green CPA services is in Georgia.  Needless to say it must have been God's divine direction because all the indicators said it could take several months to even years to obtain the tax exempt status and we received our notice from the IRS in less than 30 days.
We received amazing service and everyone we dealt with on Mr. Greens staff were incredibly cordial and helpful.  A totally professional experience in every way and we would recommend this organization to anyone needing their services.  Thank you to the Floyd Green CPA team for everything!


I started by searching for someone local to assist me with getting my ministry started and found a couple of folks who said they knew what to do. Following instruction I got everything up and running except the one thing I really needed, my 501c3 status. It wasn't until I found Floyd Green did I get the professional help I had looked for for two and half years! I highly recommend them!

Toya Davis 

I started my organization a while ago but without the 501c3 status, I had not accomplished anything. I contacted Floyd Green's office and he gave me some general information.  His office kept in touch with me via email and sending updates on what they were doing and various specials they were running.  I knew then that I was going to have his office prepare my 501c3.  I reinstated my organization, and contacted his office.  They filed my 501c3 in March 2018 and I received my approval letter from the IRS a month later. I am amazed.  Floyd and his wonderful staff took care of all my needs for my public charity.  I did not have to worry about a thing.  Everyone in his office are so pleasant to work with.  I will refer this company and will definitely work with them again.


Thoroughly impressed. Fast and efficient service. I would use Floyd Green again.

Greg Pruitt  

Wow, is the only word I can use to describe the services provided by this firm. Since the beginning, their customer service has been phenomenal! I worked with Anna and she made sure that I was informed of what I had to do, when and where to send it to. I wasn't expecting to be an official nonprofit so quick; however, I am, thanks to this team! I love the communication and the emails they were sending, while waiting on my paperwork to come back. I would recommend this firm to anyone interested in a great firm. Thank you for making my vision a reality!!![smile]


Since I my first 501C3 papers approved I have recommended Floyd Green to my friends and associates and they are all satisfied. I just had another 501C3 approved and am very satisfied with the services.

Luis Acevedo 

Excellent service received from Floyd Green Financial submitting my paper work for my dream non-profit.
Above and beyond, fast service and excellent support
I highly recommend this company for your 501c3 needs.

Dollya Eaglin 

Thank you so much. They are very professional, they made the process for our 501c3 quick, thanks so much, GOD BLESS.

Marcella Monk Flake 

I highly recommend Floyd Green in the establishment of a 501c3, non-profit organization. I was reluctant to solicit their services because I reside in a different state. After speaking with Jasmine, I found her to be knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. I believe as God would have it, I knew some of her family members in my state, so I took the plunge. Everyone associated with our filing was knowledgeable and professional. They walked me through every step and the process was completely painless! I expected the process to take 6-8 months, but I received my 501c3 in a few short months. I was amazed! Please don’t hesitate to utilize their services. They are awesome!!!

Marcella Briggs 

I am so grateful that I found Floyd Green CPA. What a blessing! Mr. Green and his staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in the non-profit sector. I highly recommend this impeccable service! Green and his team will deliver quality service and you will see great results.


I could not have asked for an easier, more effortless process to get my non-profit set up.  Floyd Green is fantastic. They are so easy to work with and made the whole process quick, easy, and effortless.  I had my IRS Tax Exempt letter back in just a few weeks after submitting my paperwork.  I rarely write reviews, but this is truly a great organization who makes this process so easy.  Jordan and her team were a delight to work with.  THANK YOU for everything!

Janice Bailey 

Starting a nonprofit is overwhelming, at best. After I hired Floyd Green CPA, I turned everything over to them and focused on our work at the organization. The staff kept in contact with me, send helpful and timely tips. Less than six weeks later, we have our designation. The service was professional and our peace of mind was invaluable. I HIGHLY recommend Floyd Green CPA.

Noelle D Randall 

I would recommend Floyd Green, CPA to anyone if they were setting up a non-profit. The people are so knowledgeable and friendly, and very quick to respond.
The prices are reasonable and they do everything that they promise and they deliver when they say they will. I had absolutely no issues whatsoever, in fact, my personal CPA told me to use a CPA that specializes in non-profits as it is a complicated process and you want it done correctly. This company was all of that and more.
I am very happy with my outcome and I would definitely use them again.

Nikkole Pollard 


Thank You Floyd Green and Jordan Comer I was skeptical at first, because I lost a business dealing with another person, I decided to give Floyd Green a try and my 501 business set up was a success. Other people left me confused and full of a lot of questions. Every question I asked was answered clearly and in a timely fashion.  I have learned so much from the emails that you send. Again Thank You for your services and I look forward to working with you.

The Warm House  

The Floyd Green staff is fantastic! They prepared my application for my 501c3 status, for my Organization The Warm House Of Greater Pittsburgh and guided me through the process, always answering my emails right away. It was not a long process, I received my approval letter from the IRS within 7 months, I highly recommend them. Thank you.

Blue Soe 

I was having a hard time finding out who could help me filling 501c3 status for my Karen Culture organization. I couldn’t find anyone who could help me until I searched on google and found Floyd Green Financial Services. I would said this organization and people are the BEST! answered all my questions and help me through my application until I got exempt organization. Today is the day I received a letter from IRS that my organization is now approved! Thank you.

Mayleen Malone 

When we established our corporation, I thought I can apply for our 501(c)(3) by myself.  I bought books, did hours of online research, reached out to other non-profit org, and paid lawyers by their hours for consultation.  The result?  Nothing.  Not until I came across Floyd Green Financial Services.  I first contacted Jasmine, but had hesitations because I am from California and they are out-of-state.  Months passed, I decided to contact them again to take the risk because their fee is too-good-to-be-true.  They are asking a fraction of what my state accountant was demanding.  After speaking with Jordan, I was pleasantly surprised with the cost and efficiency it was completed. I am delighted and less than the time expected, I received our 501(c)(3) approval.  I can't believe that I wasted money and time before I called and follow through.  Even after my approval, Jordan has been very accommodating to answer my non-profit questions.  I can't thank you enough for the services that you provide.  Floyd Green Financial Services, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Kerry Arganbright 

We contacted Floyd Green for assistance with our 501c3 filing, after struggling on our own.  The assistance we received exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend this firm to others.

Valerie Dudoit Temahaga 

Thank You so much, it has been a breeze to know how smoothly everything went and it seemed so fast, now i can move forward with my organization and do what needs to be done. Without this i would have had to ask someone to do this for me and pay way more. There's so many grants and monies out there to be given away and now we can apply for all of these. Now i probably just need help on the tax part, lol. I'm not an organized person, probably the worst but if someone can maintain my finances i would be in heaven and no worries when its tax time. Let me know what else you can do for me, i would love it.  Thanks Again for the smooth ride.

Kim Boehm 

Absolutely the best with knowledge and super fast. I hired Floyd Green to take on a 501c3 status for me. I was told by many people that got a 501c3 for dog rescue, that it can take 8 months to 1 year to get it done if done by yourself. So, Floyd and his professional workers went to work right away and my 501c3 was done and recorded with the IRS in 2.5 months. THATS AMAZING! I would recommend this company to anyone needing CPA services!
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