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My experience with this company was awesome. All questions answered, & everything explained step by step....

Kevin Quat 

This team is great.  On the ball, professional and accurate.  Thank you so much!

Sharon Mock 

Being approved as a non profit through Floyd Green’s firm was a speedy process. I didn’t think it would go as smoothly as it did and within a short time frame. I am pleased to have found his services and recommend them to others. You won’t be disappointed!!

Mark Z. 

So impressed with how fast and easy it was to get my non-profit formed.  Jordan did a great job of working with me and made the process so simple and easy.  Highly recommend Floyd Green and the team.

Malcolm Campbell 

Floyd Green provided our magician's organization with the Articles and application forms for us to achieve 501c6 status in a timely manner with no problems.

We are appreciative of, and would recommend, their services.  

Barn henderson 

Floyd Green CPA, hands down, it is one the best in the business of helping other small and big business get all setup process done. 
We contacted Floyd Green CPA team for our 501c3 paperwork to be done and submitted to the IRS, within a month it was completed and submitted. After one month we received our 501c3. Thank you so much Floyd Green.

Becki Vidmar 

Thank you Floyd Green and your staff for all of your professional help with our non-profit, Tiny Home Objective. Thank you so much Jordan and Ksenia for all of your help you made it very easy to understand the process. I know the price for getting a non-profit status through Floyd Green CPA services is unbelievable but believe it it works, their company is reliable and they know what there doing.
Thanks Again
Becki Vidmar
Tiny Home Objective

Chad Blake 

I highly recommend Floyd Green CPA for starting your 501c3!  They got more done in just a few weeks than most others try in get done in months.  Since they were so great and fast getting us compliant and up and running with an active 501c3 number, it allowed us to starting raising money faster than ever thought!  Thank you to all involved!

Johnny O’Neal 

After about a year at my local tax accountant’s office, filling in paperwork and re-filling more paperwork for my 503(c), I was eventually referred to Floyd Green’s services. In short, the process was quick, painless, cost effective, and headache free. I was a bit apprehensive about sending off my info to someone in Georgia, as I reside in Nevada. After some research and reviews, I decided to give them a try. I am extremely pleased with the whole process. I highly recommend the use of their professional service. Johnny O’Neal President Pahrump Youth Sports

Tennis For Colombia 


We are very thankful for the great help and support we receive to achieve the dream to have the 501C3 status. We tried with different companies in the past and nothing happen, with FloydGreen the process was extremely successful. Thanks…Highly recommended.



I want to thank Floyd Green CPA for his remarkable work. Especially to Jordan Cromer, who did a job in record time, to achieve the certification of our corporation as a 501c3. In addition to being always aware of us as customers and provide the information we request in a clear and accurate.

Thank you

Heli Berti
Shakespeare & Friends, Corporation

Patricia Drayton  

Thank you so much for your professional and efficient work on getting the 501c3 for Resurrected House of Hope.
This has truly exceeded my expectation for the quick response.
You guys made it happen.

Thanks again and may God bless you
Resurrected House of Hope

Tom Cottar 

Nothing but PRAISE for the team at Floyd Green! After a quick interview and questionnaire, they submitted my paperwork and kept me informed EVERY step of the way. Not only was my application approved, but the turnaround was MUCH faster than I'd ever expected. 

I've recommended them to several organizations already. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

Thank you! 

Amanda Hartman  

These people are amazing! I’m from California and had so many questions and they were thorough and prompt. They patiently explained everything and gave me up front knowledge and did not expect payment unless I was for sure going through with it. I highly recommend them! Thank you so much for helping me!


I give the Floyd Green, CPA organization a huge thumbs up in the following area's: Professionalism, efficiency,  knowledgeable, and follow up. The process was flawless to achieve our 501(c)3 status. 

I would recommend this firm.  They are also a member of the Better Business Bureau. 

Thank you! 

Larry W Martin 

With the help of Floyd Green we have created the Friends of Camden County Library at Kingsland. The step-by-step guidance provided by FG steered our small Task Force through a process that was educational, efficient, and achieved excellent results. Like many well meaning volunteers, we thought we knew more than we really did. FG helped us realize what we didn't know and avoid mistakes that would have cost us both time and money. The templates provided by FG helped us be more efficient as we zeroed in on what we wanted to accomplish. It gave us a framework to be more productive. As we moved through the process, we became more invested in the outcome. All of our Task Force members serve on our newly established Board. Our inaugural Membership Drive is scheduled for next week during September - National Library Card month. Best of all, we know we can count on Floyd Green to help us with whatever challenges we may face as we grow.

Adonai Place 

Thank you for the excellent customer service.  Your professionalism has made this a smooth and timely process.  

Debra Tirado 

Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness during this process to qualify my 501c3. Status. Your team have been nothing but helpful. I appreciate all that you have done and I hope to continue to do business with you. We had serveral hiccups along the way and stuck in there with me until the job was completed.

You are the best

Again, 🙏

JoVian CCH 

Floyd Green actually releaved such a big burden on my shoulder when I started thinking of starting a non profit organization. Reading through the internet, it was such a big work that involved lots of paperwork and requires a professional. With just one call to Floyd Green, the dream became a reality. The staff were passionate and very professional. On their part, they have done everything they needed to do to get my organization going. As long as my organization continues to function, I will continue to work with them and would recommend same to everyone out there.
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