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Elijah J Veney 

Very good service, I received my IRS determination letter and all other paperwork in 30 days, i highly recommend them.

Eric Hatch 

I wish I'd connected with Floyd Green CPA earlier ... I had already formed the corporation, so there was some duplication that I could have avoided (and saved money by doing so).
The process was very straightforward, and the people from Floyd Green were helpful and timely in returning calls or messages.  All told, the whole thing took forever (including IRS review) but eventually the long-awaited letter arrived.  I appreciate the good pricing and excellent service, and the results speak for themselves.

Monica Kelly 


For quite sometime, I was looking for someone to assist me with my 501c3. My daughter was the mastermind behind finding this firm on the internet. The firm's customer Service agents are Polite, patient and very knowledgeable of what a 501c3 is.They took me through the process step by step, sending  me weekly ads on 501c3 , LLC, and other Corporation information. It was told it would take up 10 weeks to 6 months, to my surprise My approval letter was in my P.O Box  within 4 to 6 weeks. I'm so grateful for Floyd Green & Associates they're time and information.. P.S I've been referring people to them every since.. Thank you again, because of You Many doors will open for FreshSoil Mentoring & Transitional Center. God bless You all

Julie Langhans 

Hello, all.  My experience with Floyd Green has been 100% wonderful, starting with Ksenia and involving a couple of other folks as well.  My emails were always answered in a short period of time; you guys were very patient with me gathering necessary info from my associates, and the cost was great.  I am truly grateful for your professional and speedy service.  I would recommend you to anyone!!
Julie Langhans


This company has been a pleasure to use. Everyone was very nice and answered any questions I had. They made starting a nonprofit very easy. Thank you.


They did a great job.  Really.  We moved along at a quick pace, they answered my questions throughout the process immediately, and it was really very simple from my end.  I highly recommend them.

Vijay Nair 

I had engaged Floyd Green CPA for their services in getting two companies approved as 501c3 status. I had the pleasure of working directly with staff members Jordan Cromer as well as Anna Rowland. They were both very prompt, responsive and was very helpful in guiding us through this process. I will have no hesitation in recommending Floyd Green CPA for anyone who is seeking assistance in getting their organization approved as a 501c3 company.

LIFEhouse Children's Project 

We are pleased with the 501C3 support and services received from Floyd Green CPA.  We recommend anyone seeking a 501C3 to consider their services. 

Best regards,
Rob McElyea
Administrative Pastor,
LIFEchurch, Easley, SC
LIFEhouse CP Director

Jack Salamone 

We were continually amazed and completely satisfied with our experience with Floyd Green CPA along with Jordan Cromer and the rest of the staff.
They were always available in a timely fashion to answer our questions and take personal care of our 501c3 application. We had no idea how to navigate all the paperwork and requirements. They are kind, thoughtful, dedicated and experienced professionals who operate with integrity.
As the President of our organization I highly recommend them without reservation to anyone who is looking to set up a non profit tax exempt organization. They filed for us in Colorado and with the IRS. These folks are the real deal!
Don't hesitate to give them a call to start the process.

Robert Johnson 

Wanted to thank Floyd Green CPA for all the hard work and making it super easy on my part to get my tax exempt status in just a few weeks!  I was skeptical with the low price compared to other lawyers I contacted, but they provided the same if not better service than I could have expected!  Thank you again for the help in getting our charity off the ground!

Barbara Deimer 

It has been a complete pleasure working with the associates at Floyd Green.  They made the process of our foundation becoming a 501(c)3 very easy and understandable.  We will be continuing to use their services to file our forms in the future.  Thank you for all your help.

Raynelle King 

Hello! It was a pleasure to work with your firm. The process was a breeze. Thank you again for your professionalism and devoted punctuality of getting the job done.


Jim H 


After trying for some time to obtain the 501c3 status for my organization without success, I located Floyd Green Financial Services through an Internet search and contacted them for assistance. Their services were clearly spelled out and their responsiveness throughout the entire process was always prompt and efficient. Due to their services, my organization was able to obtain its 501c3 non-profit status in a very timely manner. I was particularly impressed by how Floyd Green followed up to make sure that my organization had filed Form 990.

Sonya Reed 

On behalf of our non-profit organization, Mulberry Southeast Seahawks, I would like to send our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to Floyd Green CPA for their excellent customer service in helping us achieve our 501(c)3 status. Your staff made it easy and stress free for us at a low cost. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Musa Sutton 

We have had nothing but great experiences working with Floyd Green Services. We plan to have them take care of anything needed. They are excellent.

Brian Wang 

Our non-profit organization's reinstate 501c3 was approved with only a few weeks! The reasons for such a speedy approval are: 1) the staff are very knowledgeable, they have an answer confidently for every question that I asked; 2) they prepared and submitted the application in just one day; 3) they went extra step to call the state of Michigan to clarify one question before filing the IRS application. Anna handled our case and she is the best! I talked to two or three other ladies when I thought of a question, and they are all as knowledgeable as Anna! Their service charge is very reasonable. After I searched for a CPA firm by Google, I talked to three companies. The other two did not give me the confidence with their explanation and they charge a lot more. I later looked up some relevant information on IRS website and confirmed the statement from Floyd Green. I would recommend them without a single doubt. They are professional, fast, low price, honest!

Diane Gruber-Strickland 

From the moment I first contacted Floyd Green asking for help setting up my 501c3, to the final submission (approval) of all required documents, Anna was so helpful and courteous throughout the entire process and made the tedious job seem like a breeze. They really took the stress and workload away from me so I concentrate on other important tasks. And, The whole process really took less time than anticipated. I have and will continue to recommend Floyd Green to my friends and associates. Thank You!

Thom Rainer 

Excellent service providing total clarity on the entire 501c3 process. Already recommended to others.

Subrotah Biswas 

On behalf of my non-profit "KickOff Solutions", I would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire team @ Floyd Green Financial Services. We were new to this part of the World and you guys, literally, helped us at each step of the way. Thank you!

Jonathan Klein 

On behalf of our nonprofit organization 'Activist Effect", I would like to thank Floyd Green CPA for their invaluable help achieving incorporation and becoming a certified charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. The process was simple, surprisingly fast and they were very attentive and helpful with any questions we had, we can't thank them enough! We will happily refer anyone to Floyd Green CPA to utilize their services!

-Jonathan Klein
Activist Effect
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